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LOCAL 1933

Raleigh Crew Base

First of all, I’d like to point out that Piedmont service was highest rated in CSI scores for 1st Quarter at 95.3% Very good job being done over there, keep up the good work.

Secondly, Piedmont service crews make sure you’re using bridge plates on track 1 at RGH until further notice. That’s the only way that we are allowed to use track one and be ADA compliant.

Thirdly, PTC is getting closer to going live on Piedmonts. Make sure we get delay specifics for delay reports. There are going to on the rollout, but they can’t be addressed without the proper documentation.  

Lastly, If you notice any discrepancies in pay, please make us aware as early as possible. These issues are much easier to correct when we catch them early. Examples that have been lately are miscalculated vacation earnings, missing cert pay for conductors. remember that we need copies of denied penalty claims within 30 days. The Denial is the begging of the process, not the end. When you have a denied claim, you need to get a copy of the denied ticket. PTT can either email it to you or snail mail it to you. Get it to us at the local for further processing. If you’re claiming short crew, get in the habit of saving your manifest and adding it with your denial ticket if they don’t pay it.

Stay safe out on the rails.

Josh Reed

Vice Local RGH