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LOCAL 1933

Local Committee of Adjustments Monthly Report

Cafe Car: Social distancing of 6ft is required within the cafe car. Yellow and white signs are placed within the cafe car. There is no public seating within the cafe car by passengers. 

Traveling with COVID: All passengers are required to wear masks at all times on board the trains. The only time they are allowed to remove the mask is when they are eating or drinking.

VRE: The 30 day job moves has been temporarily changed to every 3 months as of October 2020. This is due strictly to COVID-19. Management feels that this is the safest way to minimize the transmission of COVID among the crews. 

VRE Time: Management for Keolis has decided to have all employees sign-in and sign-out of their jobs. Please note that all jobs have to be paid what is advertised.  

Denied Time Claims: If you are submitting a penalty claim to the LC, you will need to provide a copy of your pay stub or PTT denial claim. The date that payroll denied your penalty claim needs to be on your paperwork. There is a time frame for submitting Time Claims (Rule 24). Handing me a denied PTT ticket doesn't provide that information. You may scan and email or time claims in the LC "T" box in RVR or in the Union office in WAS. It needs to be legible and with as much detailed information as possible. Time claims are being denied because members are not putting the correct information in for details.