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LOCAL 1933

Ask Bill Flynn CEO of Amtrak 

The baggage policy is out of control. Some station employees don’t bother to enforce the policy – so can the onboard crew deny boarding if a passenger is in violation?

Stations: We are looking to revamp our current baggage policy. Our first step to doing this is improving the process of how we manage checked baggage and baggage enforcement. We plan on testing an electronic tag and track system in FY21 to better serve our customers who check in their bags. We are also working on an ability to charge customers using mobile devices who exceed our current baggage policy. We would not deny travel on our train for a customer with excess baggage, but we do have a process and policy in place to charge them.

Have we considered adding cup holders on the pull-down trays on the Amfleet cars and their replacements? They could slide out like a CD-ROM drive. This will allow riders to use a laptop and have a cup holder for a beverage.

Roger Harris, EVP, Marketing and Revenue: There are 44,000 seats on the Amtrak system. Installing new cup holders on legacy equipment is a monumental undertaking from a cost and manpower perspective and could take years to be deployed across the fleet. We are in development of cup holders on new trainsets and in cars where the seats themselves are largely undefined. Any such devices must consider the customer’s safety and the longevity for it to sustain use and misuse.