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LOCAL 1933

Amtrak Employee

Pass Privilege Policy

  1. The age limit for full-time student dependents has increased to 25 years old.
  2. All the employees are no longer allowed to book business travel (BT) roomettes for personal travel.
  3. The ability to apply to add'l fate discounts has been eliminated.

Companion Pass Program

  • You must accompany your companion on all segments of the trip.
  • You must travel in the same type of accommodations as your companion.
  • The passes may be used on all trains except for Acela and Auto Train.
  • The "red", "white", and "blue" travel days still apply.
  • Companion passes may be used on "white" or "blue" days of travel only.
  • The IRS considers the use of this benefit to be a taxable event, and the taxes will be paid by the employee through withholding from their Amtrak paycheck. The benefit is treated as income, and the taxes will be calculated based on the fair market value of the travel.
  • Only employees are allowed to use companion passes. This benefit is not extended to spouses and dependents of employees or retirees.
  • These passes will be available for download at starting on September 29th. When you reserve your own travel as a pass rider, you will see a header for "Companion Traveler" and be given the option to select "Add a Companion". The system will tell you how many passes you have remaining for the calendar year.
  • If you need to travel with a Companion who requires PWD (passengers with a disability) accommodation, please contact the Amtrak Reservation Center at 1-800-872-7245.


 PTC can't operate within a block. For example, short-shifting from 5-4tk in RVR station is no longer allowed. Please be safe, careful and in compliance with all rules when making moves within a block. Also please make sure you put down the correct delay codes according to the SSM.

Click above link above to read National Attendance Policy for Agreement Employees at Amtrak

Please keep in mind that there are approved paid absences as provided by the labor agreement by

  • Bereavement Leave (max 3 days)
  • Operation Care (max 3 days)
  • routine military training
  • pre-notified union business
  • a single bump day if displaced

On an occurrence is defined as:

1. a single absence from work, an assignment, or part of an assignment on one or more consecutive days for the same reason, or

2. being unavailable for work on a calendar day (including a missed call, mark-off, refusing an assignment, failure etc.), or

3. arriving late for prior to train departure or leaving an assignment before it is completed.

Please remember 3 in 30, 5 in 90, 11 in 12.

Vacation Factor Days

1 year of service:      vac          160 days

2 years of service:    2 weeks vac        320 days

8 years of service:    3 weeks vac        1280 days

17 years of service:  4 weeks vac         2720 days

25 years of service:   5 weeks vac         4000 days

To determine criteria, three separate criteria are involved: 1. total years of service, counting from the date the employee first entered service in the non-operating craft position, 2. total days worked in train or engine service (days worked in non-operating craft do not count), and 3. days worked in train or engine service in the preceding calendar year. 

Amtrak Retirement Overview

Amtrak Retirement Guide

Hotel/Van Complaint Form