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LOCAL 1933

Welcome to the website for SMART-TD Local 1933

Next Union Meeting

Tuesday March 30, 2021 at 5pm


Your questions, concerns, and input are important even if you cannot physically attend a meeting! The new phone number is (515) 604-9746. Contact a local officer for the new access code.

Latest News:

Furloughs: Amtrak has begun the process of recalling those that were furloughed. Once the return to work physical has been taken and passed, employees will be expected to mark up. You can mark up no earlier than April 2nd. Once a furloughed employee receives certified notification from the Carrier that they are being recalled, they have 15 days from the day after notification on the letter to mark up. If they chose to not do so, the Carrier will take it as if you are forfeiting your seniority and resigning from the company.

Long Hauls: The Capital Limited, Silver Star, Silver Meteor, and Palmetto will return to 7 days a week service between May and June. The Capital Limited (Train 29/30) will began In May. The later will return the first full week in June.  

Modified 3 Step Protection: Please use Modified 3 step protection before boarding or detraining a wheelchair lift. Modified 3 step is 3-point protection while leaving the HEP up. These instructions are not applicable in Washington Terminal or south of the Virginia state line.

COVID-19 Lodging Amtrak crews:

Some of the hotels have changed due to being closed during the CPVID-19 pandemic. And due to protests and curfews being enforced in different cities, some of the crews are staying in different locations.  

Emails: If you are interested in having your email added to the list please send it to the LC or give it to your VLC.